Blooket - Join & Play

Blooket is a fun, game-based learning platform that makes education exciting! Whether you’re a student eager to learn or a teacher looking to spice up your classroom, this guide will show you the ropes on how to get started, join games, play, and even host your own games on Blooket.


Getting Started with Blooket

Sign Up and Log In

  1. Sign Up: Head to Blooket and click “Sign Up” to create your account. You can sign up using an email or through Google.
  2. Log In: Already have an account? Just click “Login” and enter your details to reach your dashboard.

Understanding Your Dashboard

Once you log in, you’ll see your dashboard. This is where you can:

  • Create new games: Pick from templates or make your own quizzes.
  • Manage your games: Edit or delete the games you’ve created.
  • View past results: Check out how you or your students did in previous games.

How to Join a Blooket Game

Joining with a Game Code

If you’re joining a game:

    1. Find the Game Code: Get a game code from the person hosting the game.

    1. Enter the Code: On Blooket’s main page, there’s a spot to enter your game code. Put it in, add your nickname if needed, and you’re in!

Playing in Blooket

Game Modes Galore

Blooket has lots of different game modes like:

    • Tower Defense: Earn coins to build towers that fend off invaders.

    • Quests: Go on adventures answering questions to progress.

How to Play

Once the game starts, answer the questions as they come up. Depending on the game mode, you might collect items, earn points, or defend against challenges. It’s all about quick thinking and having fun!


Hosting Your Own Game

Create a Game

  1. Choose ‘Create’ on the Dashboard: Select a set of questions or make up your own.
  2. Customize Your Game: Pick a game mode and set up how you want the game to run (like time limits and number of questions).

Start the Game

  • Share the Game Code: Let players know the code so they can join.
  • Launch the Game: Hit start from your dashboard and watch as everyone joins the fun.

Game IDs and Codes

Every game has a unique ID and code:

  • Game ID: Helps you find and revisit old games.
  • Game Code: Players need this to join the game you’re hosting.

Extra Tips

Adding Blooket Bots

If you want more challenge, you can add bots that act like players to make the game more interesting.

The Blooket Look

The platform has a cool, distinctive look with its logo and theme. It makes the learning feel like a real game!


Blooket is a fantastic way to learn or teach with a twist of fun. By joining games, playing, or hosting, you

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